This course is designed to provide the participant who has no medical training but wishes to rapidly progress through the first two Levels of First Aid. This course will allow the participant to basic understanding of and how to handle a wide range of Trauma and Medical Emergencies. 

This course is ideal for first aiders that wish to have greater confidence when treating patients. This course has also now also become the required minimum standard in many industries for individuals working as team leaders or supervisors.



A wide range of subjects is covered including: – 

● The Emergency Situation

● Anatomy And Physiology.

● Basic Life Support – CPR & AED.

● Bleeding And Wounds

● Musco-Skeletal Injuries – Fractures & Joints.

●.Head And Spinal Injuries

● Various Injuries – Chest, Hand, Eye & Ear, Pelvic And Abdominal And Crush Injuries.

● Medical Emergencies – Diabetes, Epilepsy & Fits, Asthma, Anaphylaxis, Cardiac Problems

● Burn Wounds.

● Poisoning, Bites And Stings.

● Transport Methods.






Classroom based: 4 days

Blended: Theory - ~ 22 hours Practical: 4 – 5 hours



R 1,000.00



Subject to successful completion of both the online course (theory) and the practical workshop thereafter, all participants will be issued with a First Aid Level (2) Two certificate approved by the Department of Labour (Registration No: CI 080).

This qualification is valid for 3 years which can be renewed by attending a suitable 2-Day re-qualification course.



1. Pay online for this course.

2. You will go through the registration process to allow you immediate access to the entire course. You have 30 days to complete the course online.

3. This course uses both a study guide which you can download and embedded video in each lesson module.

4. When you have completed a lesson use the "MARK COMPLETE" button to tell us that you have completed the lesson and want to proceed with the next part of the course.  The next lesson OR the assessment test for the lesson will then appear on the screen.

5. Assessment Quiz: You will require 70% to successfully pass any Multiple Choice Questions quiz. You have two (2) attempts to pass the online test.

6. Once you have successfully completed the last test, and the course is marked as complete, the system will automatically generate your Certificate of Completion.

7. Navigate to the last section and download your Certificate for your records.

8. Attend the practical session to complete the course. Further instructions are included in the final section of the course.