This course is based on the international FSR course presented by TAPA


This course has been designed and developed due to the fact that it has become necessary for security companies to protect and secure facilities such as warehouses, cross docks and office buildings at warehouses against opportunists and organized crime syndicates.


During the last decade, facilities such as these mentioned above, have become targets of commercial crime in SA. 

Criminals often target these facilities as it is perceived to be easier to gain access to e.g. a warehouse than a brick and mortar store. Whereas warehouses may in the past have been targeted by the individual opportunist, it is now more often than not targeted by organized crime syndicates. These crime syndicates plan their criminal operations carefully and execute with precision. 

As a result, it has become necessary to train and equip the manned guarding on each site to be able to safeguard the sites and to make it as difficult as possible for the criminal element to gain access and / or penetrate the site.

Course objectives

On completion of this course the security officer will have the necessary basic knowledge to enable him / her to: 

  1. visually assess current security measures at a facility
  2. predict security breaches by way of detecting existing shortcomings
  3. investigate security threats and / or prevent security breaches from materialising
  4. apply and develop their gained skills to adequately protect facilities against security breaches
  5. respond appropriately in the event of security breaches
  6. ensure that security breaches are reported timeously in the prescribed manner to ultimately perform security duties more efficiently and effectively.