We have so many interactions in the run of a day, it’s reasonable to expect that some of them are going to be difficult. Whether these are conversations that you have in person, or you manage a virtual team and need to speak with someone in another city, there are things that you can do to make these conversations go smoothly. This Course will give you the tools to manage difficult conversations and get the best results possible out of them. 

This Course will help you understand how to:

  • Define frame of reference
  • Establish a positive intent and a desired outcome
  • Use good communication skills during a conversation
  • Draft a script for a difficult conversation
  • Use specific steps to carry out a difficult conversation
  • Access additional resources as required
  • Maintain safety in a conversation 

Course Overview:

  • Choosing to Have the Conversation  
  • Toolkit for Successful Conversations
  • Choosing the Time and Place 
  • Framework for Difficult Conversations
  • Staying Safe
  • Testing the Waters