Describes common bone injuries and their causes. Presents the signs and symptoms for fractures and dislocations and demonstrates emergency medical care procedures for bone injuries.

****The ATS series of training courses are fully interactive video-based training, developed in USA and are the training material of choice for first responders (firefighting, emergency medical response, nursing, hazardous material handling, and industrial training) in several countries. ATSs material is generally regarded as the highest quality training content on the market by fire departments, paramedics, first aiders, firefighters and emergency responders in many countries globally.

SkillsTrain Distribution has now entered into an agreement with ATS to provide their training on this platform and are proud to bring you this series of courses.

Each course consists of a single video-based, interactive online course which must be done in a single sitting to complete. If the course is interrupted, you will have to start from the beginning again. It is best to ensure that you have between 1 3 hours available to complete the course. Default enrolments are valid for 90 days and during that time, you may work through the course as often as needed.

About ATS Action Training Systems:
Action Training Systems is a Canadian multi-media production company with over 26 years of experience developing training programs for emergency responders. Its interactive programs are proven to significantly increase learner competency, and are all based on current national standards. With over 200 EMS training and firefighter training programs available, these programs are great tools for initial or recurrent training.

Action Training Systems EMS training courses are designed to meet the highest national standards for continuing education training. Courses follow the most current National Emergency Medical Services Standards (NEMSES) published by the U.S Department of Transportation. All ATS training programs are reviewed and updated as standards are published. Action Training Systems' curriculum review and oversight is provided by a highly experienced group of physicians, educators, and EMS providers.